Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gymnic Rody Pearl Color Discontinued

Can you believe it? After black (there are only 2 left in stock), another Rody color has been discontinued. Not by us, but by Gymnic. So, if the pearl colored Rody is on your wishlist get it now. We only have a handful left. 

Often copied but still by far the children`s favorite for endless and safe rides. It grows with the kids when more inflated. Any doubts? Just give it to a 3 year old and see.
Children learn balance and coordination while hopping on their Rody. It is also used in therapy for handicapped children due to its softness and ride-on qualities. Made of super strong, latex free vinyl, the Rody inflates according to size and weight of the child with a hand of foot pump. Maximum inflated height to Saddle is 12in.

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