Wednesday, November 4, 2009 Loves our HABA Toys: Top 6 Wooden Baby Toys

Encouraging your baby to play and learn with wooden toys is one of the best things a parent can do. These wooden baby toys are hygenic, easy to clean and safe for your little ones. Wooden baby toys are durable and will stand up to rough play through several children. The manufacturers of these wooden toys are well known in the toy industry. These hand crafted wooden baby toys are of the best quality. Take a look at these must-have wooden baby toys.
By Dipika Mirpuri for

1. HABA Stack the Trix Mix Pull Toy
This wooden baby toy consists of a stacking and pull-push toy rolled into one. Our mini toy testers liked this toy from Haba so much, they made a beeline towards it in their next play session too.

2. HABA Salto Clutching Toy
This colorful teething ring has movable center pieces which will entice your 6-month old or older to pull, push, or grab.

3. HABA Discovery Blocks
You can pick up a block and use it as a rattle, look at your reflection in the "mirror" on a block, play with a bell on the third and even look through a kaleidoscope through a fourth block.

4. HABA Goblin Truck
The Goblin wooden toy truck is a pull and push toy for your baby. Once the blocks are loaded correctly onto the trainer, the journey can begin. Colorful wooden that are educational and fun.

5.  Ballino Clutching Toy
Ballino by Haba is a grasping toy which makes clicking noises when squeezed by your baby. This is a great cause and effect wooden toy which will keep your baby entertained.

6. HABA Discover Ball
These colorful and very safe wooden balls are fun to roll around. It's fun to watch them roll around as the colors and patterns blend into each other, creating optical illusions.

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