Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cookie Magazine September 2009 Rody Hopping Horse, Deglingo, Pkolino Puzzle Stacker

Deglingos Milkos Baby Toy - so cute!
Baby Deglingos are super-soft corduroy companions for your littlest friends. Safe from birth and machine-washable, they are sure to become an essential cuddler for the crib, stroller or car.

Deglingo's? What's that? Never heard of them!
Deglingos (de-GLING-goes): common noun. Animalos molto funnios and muy cazios. A unique species of contagiously quirky animals, the Deglingos speak their own language which consists of finishing many words with "os".

Gymnic Rody Hopping Horse
What can we say - another magazine loves our Rodies!

P'kolino Puzzle Stacking Ring
We love these puzzle stackers so much that we just ordered them. So keep checking back, they will be in stock soon.

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