Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pretend Building, But For Real!

This just might be one of the coolest additions to our store here at Maukilo!  We've all built with building blocks, but this takes it to a whole new and more importantly, exciting level.  It almost reminds us of building a gingerbread house, but instead uses real bricks and mortar, plus it won't attract ants!

This is great fun for the whole family, especially for budding architects, engineers and builders.  The Teifoc building sets will not only help children learn how to follow directions, but it also gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to create real, tangible four-dimensional buildings.  In an age where most creating is done on a computer, children will really love the chance to physically spread the mortar, lay the bricks and hold in their hands what they created. The best part is, the mortar is made of a sand/corn mixture that is water soluble so creations when dried are study, but can be soaked with water, taken a part and built again.  This is definitely much more than a toy, and something that is sure to last!

Teifoc is a unique build and play system that uses real reusable bricks to create fun and elaborate structures and creations. Use the real clay bricks and cement mortar to create this large house and garage, follow one of the 5 other plans included or design one from scratch. When it is time to have another go simply soak the model in water, dry the bricks and start again.

Check out this time-lapse video we found on pinterest of a house being built. How cool!?

View our selection of Teifoc sets here

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