Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Time & the Livin's FUN with HABA!

Starter Set with Water Seesaw - $44.99
Little ones are sure to have tons of fun in the sun, as they construct their very own mini Water Park in the back yard. Maukilo absolutely loves these sets from HABA, and you and your family will too!  Check them out over in our store and even better, enter to WIN the Water Park Starter Set at Tales From the Nursery!

Simply ingenious - The seesaw controls the flow of water. Introduces movement to water games. Ideal for experiments: first the water gathers in the water seesaw. Then, when it fills up, the seesaw topples downwards and the water drains out. Contents: 4 tracks, 2 big struts, 4 medium sized struts, 1 sand water trowel, 1 water seesaw.

Check out the video below, demonstrating how much fun this these sets can be!!

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